• The Dance Depot

    The Dance Depot

    Collegeville Pennsylvania’s finest dance studio, The Dance Depot, came to me needing a full custom website that would […]

  • Double Helix Trading Technique

    Double Helix Trading Technique

    MTI needed a page that would advertise the “Double Helix Trading Technique.”

  • Skyrocket Forex Email

    Skyrocket Forex Email

    The company needed an email to interest people in “skyrocketing” their Forex future with many of the useful […]

  • EforexAccounts Email

    EforexAccounts Email

    EforexAccounts needed an email to send to a large number of prospective students to interest them in register […]

  • EforexAccounts


    EforexAccounts needed a page where students could register for one of their accounts.

  • ILQ Registration Page

    ILQ Registration Page

    With this project, MTI partnered with ILQ to provide a reimbursement for each trade the student placed. This […]

  • Mobile Empire Detailing

    Mobile Empire Detailing

    Mobile Empire Detailing needed a full custom website for their new luxury automobile detailing company. This was my […]

  • Charting Software – Memorial Day Promo

    Charting Software – Memorial Day Promo

    Market Traders Institute ran an amazing Memorial Day promotion for their charting software, and this is the landing […]

  • Stephen Morrell Logo

    Stephen Morrell Logo

    When making a logo for myself, I had “lightning fast” and the first letter of my name in […]

  • Galaxy Portfolio

    Galaxy Portfolio

    This is a previous design idea for portfolio. Inspired by my love for the beautiful scenes found in […]

  • Ultimate Traders Package Email

    Ultimate Traders Package Email

    This email serves a few different purposes. It’s sent to clients that have just purchased the Ultimate Traders […]

  • 2-Day On-Site Class

    2-Day On-Site Class

    The 2-Day On-Site Class is the final phase of Market Traders Institute’s Ultimate Traders Package on Demand. This […]

  • MTI’s Charting Website

    MTI’s Charting Website

    Market Trader’s Institue needed a website to showcase their state of the art MTI 4.0 Forex Charting software.

  • All Seasons Mobile Powerwash Systems

    All Seasons Mobile Powerwash Systems

    With business booming for this mid-west powerwash company and their old site becoming outdated, I was approached to […]

  • Ultimate Traders Package Site

    Ultimate Traders Package Site

    Market Traders Institute and Next Step Financial Holdings needed a page for potential clients to purchase their main […]

  • Memorial Day Email

    Memorial Day Email

    Memorial Day Email for Market Traders Institute/Next Step Financial Holdings. The promotion was to offer $1,000 towards the […]

  • KTS Construction Consultants

    KTS Construction Consultants

    KTS was looking for a complete revamp on their old-fashioned website. The new styles incorporated in the design […]

  • Next Step Providers Logo

    Next Step Providers Logo

    Next Step Providers, a new company created in affiliation with Market Traders Institute, needed a logo.