You’ve gotta pay attention to the little things…or this guy might come after you. Read this enlightening article about the precious round corners we all love.


Envato Marketplaces have become the spot for designers and artists around the globe. The wild success of their marketplaces is extremely inspiring and creates hope for all web entrepreneurs. They recently made a breakthrough in monthly sales for one author. Orman Clark broke the previous record of $42,000 sales in one month with his whopping $47,000! Of course he doesn’t get all of the profits, but *!@# that’s impressive.

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I’ve recently discovered MediaLoot, and boy it’s a goldmine. I’m constantly impressed by the resources available on this site. If you’re a designer, you should really give this site a browse.

When they released one of their latest free resources, I Was really intrigued. These are CSS social media buttons with no images whatsoever, so they’re fully scalable. Instead of images for the various logos, they created their own web “fonts” a set new font-faces. Clever, clever, clever!

Check it out here.

business_facebook_violations01 (1)

I feel I can speak for myself and many others when I say that it’s easy to just ignore terms of services, privacy policies, and all that jazz. With the use of social media being so important for businesses nowadays, apparently you can’t afford to ignore these. Making mistakes like creating a Facebook “profile” instead of a “page” or advertising on your Facebook timeline cover photo can cost you all of your likes, fans, etc.

One false move could you have you looking like this guy:

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